Mars/IC Aspects | Mars opposite Midheaven | Mars 4th HouseAstroFix

Leader of the pack. Taking charge of your home and household. Running the house. One parent “ran the house.” Actively involved in family affairs. An energetic family. Liking to work on the house. Family involved in construction or contracting. Lots of house maintenance. Always busy at home. Fire under your butt. Domestic issues get your blood boiling. Getting heated about familial relationships. Blood is thicker than water. …

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Mars Midheaven Aspects | Mars MC Aspects | Mars 10th House

The Pugilist, by Tracy TaylorBecoming known for your physique. Having physical aspirations. Athletic goals. Fitspo. Thinspo. Ready for a challenge. Ready to fight for your position. Not wanting to share the spotlight. Wanting to be in charge. Wanting a career …

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Virgo Sun 9th House | AstroFix

With the Sun in Virgo in the 9th house you are becoming someone with real, earthly knowledge. You discover personal power by presenting your worldview in an unpretentious way. Your central purpose is to have grounded opinions based …

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Jupiter/Midheaven Aspects

Wanting to hold an influential position in the world. Wanting people to recognize your greatness. Wanting people to recognize your authority. Larger than life. Looming large. Known for being big. Known for being over the

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With Saturn at 29 Libra until Friday, it’s an excellent time to get over whatever relationship you need to get over.

Virgo Sun in the 8th House

You are learning how to deal with other people’s problems efficiently and effectively. You discover personal power by helping others find release. Your central purpose is to be an accessory …

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Jupiter/IC Aspects

Needing constant reassurance from parents. Having had constant reassurance from parents. Having been buoyed up. Inflated sense of self. Inner arrogance. Coming from a foreign country. Moving to a …

Virgo Sun in the 7th House

You are becoming a humble and clear-sighted companion. You discover personal power by being of service to the ones you love. Your central purpose is never to give up your vision […]